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Pre-vacuum tempering furnace

This series of furnace is available for tempering, annealing in the circumstance of vacuum and protective atmosphere for mold steels, high speed steels, and tool steels.


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Pre-vacuum tempering furnace

    • This series of electric furnaces is suitable for pure vacuum, atmosphere protection tempering and annealing of molds, high speed steel and tool steel.
    • Maximum operating temperature up to 450 °C, 650 °C, 850 °C, 1100 °C
    • The furnace tank is made of corrugated steel with heat-resistant steel plate, and the bottom is welded with cold stamping head.
    • Vacuum sealed circulation fan for good gas tightness
    • High-purity all-fiber cotton lining or lightweight refractory brick
    • Heating element optional resistance wire or resistance tape
    • Compliance with national standards for heat treatment equipment, the measured temperature uniformity in the furnace is optimal ± 3 °C
    • Hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic lid lifting device, optional automatic locking system for furnace cover lock ring
    • Adopt imported multi-loop temperature control system, the main control temperature point is set in the furnace tank, and the program platform is waiting to ensure the holding time
    • Furnace pressure, cooling water pressure sound and light alarm, the program ends the alarm
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