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Horizontal tempering furnace

This series of furnace is available for tempering, annealing in the circumstance of vacuum and protective atmosphere for mold steels, high speed steels, and tool steels.



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Horizontal tempering furnace


    • The maximum working temperature can be at 650℃(1202℉)or 850℃(1562℉)
    • The furnace possessed good leak tightness by means of adopting vacuum-sealed circulating draught fan
    • Interior furnace wall is full used ceramic fiber of high-pure quality or light-fire brick
    • Resistance wire or belt can be selected as heating element.
    • Optimum furnace temperature uniformity is ± 3℃(37.4℉) and it is according to the relative heat treatment equipment national standard
    • Furnace cover can ascend and go down by hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic device, Locking collar type lid hold-down mechanism        
    • Imported multi-circuit temperature controlling systems are adopted, which have program plate-waiting function to ensure soaking time
    • Charging baskets and quick-cooling device for selection can be provided
    • Sounding and visual alarm and ending-program alarm can be selected
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