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Pit Gas Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing  Furnace

This series of JGEF furnace achieve excellent surface hardness and wear resistance as well as improved fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.


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Pit Gas Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing Furnace

    • The equipment is suitable for hard nitriding and nitrocarburizing of materials such as tool steel and gears
    • Maximum operating temperature up to 650 °C, 850 °C (for stress relief annealing or nitrogen removal)
    • Sealed circulation fan, good gas tightness;
    • The furnace tank is made of corrugated steel with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel plate, and the bottom is welded by cold stamping head
    • High-purity all-fiber cotton lining or lightweight refractory brick lining;
    • The heating element may be selected from a resistance wire or a resistance tape
    • Meet the national standard of heat treatment equipment, the measured temperature uniformity is ±3 °C
    • The hydraulic cylinder or the pneumatic cover lifting device is used to realize automatic pressing and automatic steering of the furnace cover
    • Adopt imported multi-loop temperature control system, the main control thermocouple in the furnace tank, the auxiliary control outside the tank, with the program platform waiting to ensure the holding time
    • Optional batching frame, rapid cooling device to ensure that the furnace temperature is rapidly cooled to below 150 °C, the workpiece is not discolored
    • Sound and light alarm, air source pressure, cooling water pressure, furnace pressure monitoring alarm, program end alarm
    • The nitrogen potential control adopts German imported hydrogen probe, nitrogen potential control software and automatic flow control cabinet
    • The ammonia gas cracking device is used to automatically adjust the nitrogen potential in the furnace
    • The exhaust gas secondary decomposition device ensures that the ammonia gas can be fully burned at any time (patented technology)
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