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Liquid Nitrogen Production Line

The series of machine set is available for preheating in air furnace, salt bath nitriding, and oxidizing salt bath, in particular for low toxic and environment-friend QPQ treatment. QPQ process is a multi step process that provides a very uniform consistent nitride layer on your components.
Current systems have evolved into complete process lines to perform salt bath nitriding from start to finish. 

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Liquid Nitrogen Production Line

    • The maximum working temperature can be at 650℃(1202℉)
    • The anti-corrosion and anti-high temperature crucibles are applied
    • Interior furnace wall full used light fire brick
    • This series of furnace is according to the relative heat treating equipment national standard and furnace temperature uniformity was ± 5℃(41℉)
    • Furnace cover can be ascend and gone down by hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic device
    • Imported multi-circuit temperature controlling systems are adopted, thus to ensure stability for temperature
    • Sounding and visual alarm and excess temperature alarm are set up
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