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Protective-Atmosphere Tempering Pit Furnace Shipped

JGEF Furnace set down CZCR series of Protective Atmosphere Tempering Pit Furnace at the high quality model manufactory.

CZCR series will help users to achieve the protective tempering, and the atmosphere within the furnace chamber will achieve the desired chemical reactions with metals during heat treating.

The hot zone includes a work zone of approximately 59 in. diameter X 78 in. deep. The setting temperature from 150°C t-700°C (302°F-1292°F), and temperature measurement can attain ±3 degrees from nine points of inner portion of the chamber. Work loading provides 500kg-5000kg range of options.

This series of furnace can be installed nitriding and post-oxidation function. The development of this furnace and control systems allows the company to provide services that yield uniform and precision components to customer specifications.


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