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JGEF Shipped the Tempering Furnaces to the Die & Mold Manufacturer with 350-year-experience

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

JGEF Furnace shipped and installed the series of tempering horizontal furnace to the die & mold manufacturer with 350 years experiences.

The tempering furnaces will help the users to achieve a pre-vacuum protective atmosphere for tempering, and the atmosphere in the furnace chamber will reduce the oxidative decarburization reaction of the heat-treated workpiece. the desired chemical reactions with metals during heat treating. It can ensure uniformity of hardness of large size dies & molds,and ensure molds & dies to achieve the highest uniformity of good microstructure and good mechanical properties.

The work zone measures approximately 60 inches wide x 60 inches high x 79 inches long. The furnace has a load capacity of 15,430 pounds (7,000kg) and an operating temperature rang of 392-1292°F (200-700°C).

The insulation design of the furnace effectively reduces heat loss and energy consumption. Its rapid-cooling unit saves half the cooling time and increases productivity.

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