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JGEF cooperates with Japanese company to carry out oxidation test of dies

JGEF cooperates with the well-known Japanese commercial heat treater, and successfully carry out the oxidation experiment of molds & dies, which enabled the JGEF Steam-Oxidation series to be well upgraded and recognized in the field of heat treatment. The JGEF Steam Oxidation series was developed by JGEF in cooperation with the Materials Science of Shanghai University in 2002, and the temperature range is between 500 – 700 °C.

The hardness of H13 steel after conventional quenching and tempering is around 42~49HRC, the wear resistance is insufficient , and the service life of the mould is short. After steam oxidation treatment of H13 steel, there’s 3 to 4 micron of Fe3O4 on the surface, which has a longer service life than that of ordinary nitriding, and fully exerts the potential of material properties. And get the most economic benefits.


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