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Auto Parts Manufacturer Orders Oxidation Nitriding Furnace From JGEF

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

JGEF Furnace manufactured and shipped a customized oxidation nitriding furnace. The pit furnace, which has useful dimensions of 43.3 inches (1,100 mm) in diameter x 70.9 inches (1,800 mm) high, has a maximum temperature rating of 1292°F (700°C). The goal for this project was to represent an advanced solution for metallic parts. The furnace includes an advanced oxidation system that ensures the workpieces are preheated in a controlled oxidizing atmosphere and guarantees corrosion resistance, which in turn facilitates nitrogen uptake and growth of the nitride compound layer.

The furnace also includes a vacuum pumping system that is utilized to quickly, safely and effectively purge the vessel of air; a cooling system that is used to rapidly cool the furnace and parts for unloading; and a computerized control system that allows automatic control and installation supervision.

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